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       SpamEnMoins is easy and efficient at the same time: if you receive a message from someone who is not yet allowed, his/her email will be temporarily blocked and the sender will automatically and on your behalf receive a mail with an authentication link.

    After clicking the link, the only thing your contact person will have to do is to decipher a series of images in order to prove he/she is indeed a human being and not a robot. Spam robots will never be able to decipher the images and thus send you spam. For your regular contacts, however, this should be no problem at all.

    Example of images to be deciphered :
       Click on the bird   
    this is an example

      As soon as your contact person has correctly deciphered the images, you'll receive his/her mail. Your contact person will then be authorised: future mails will no longer be blocked and you'll receive them directly in your mailbox like before.

      One of the many possibilities of SpamEnMoins, is to personalise your authentication mails by adding your own text, company logo, photo, banner...

      Please note: you can also import your entire address book and/or all your regular contacts without sending authentication mails. All your regular contacts will then be automatically authorised and their mails won't be blocked by SpamEnMoins.
      What about newsletters or automatic message ?
      For newsletters or automatic message too, it's very easy. All blocked emails are stored in your SpamEnMoins account during 30 days.

    You can check your blocked emails (and unlock them if required) any time by signing in to your account (on www.SpamEnMoins.com). Moreover, you can also choose to regularly receive a summary of all blocked mails by email and authorise certain email addresses simply by clicking on them. These email addresses will then be authorised and you'll receive the mails directly in your mailbox.
      We'd like to give you the opportunity to discover all the opportunities SpamEnMoins has to offer and therefore kindly invite you for a FREE trial:
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